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Nick is a former Royal Marine Commando who has set a simple goal in life - to help as many people as possible to achieve long term health.


Nicks clients are busy successful people and include entrepreneurs, CEOs, lawyers, pilots, professional athletes and fund managers - he enjoys helping many people from all walks of life achieve true injury recovery, fitness and health. 

Operating on an international level, Nick has clients and contracts in locations ranging from the Middle East, Europe and UK. 


His recent roles have included:

Head of rehabilitation and strength & conditioning for Dubai FC and Barrelhouse RFC from 2015-2020. 

Working closely with several VVIP families in the UAE - including rehabilitation and strength & conditioning to preparing younger family members for national service as for senior positions in the armed forces and police force - sessions typically include desert survival, maritime operations, shooting, skill at arms, navigation, first aid and mental robustness. 

As well as a military background, Nick has also competed at high level in alpine ski racing in all disciplines. This has given him another layer of valuable experience when it comes to high performance skill, programming, training, rehabilitation and discipline needed to win! 

Nick also has instructor qualifications in sailing, power-boating, scuba diving and climbing. So don’t be surprised to see him assisting or running any of these courses around the globe. 

Nicks other interests include: 
Ultra Marathon racing (2x top 20 finishes international competitions 12th, 17th)
Road Cycling 
Sea swimming 
Teaching his two children to be badass adventure junkies with no fear!

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